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Blogging Terms

Blogging is actually a simple affair. The requirements are not so difficult to understand. Some of the features of a blog are:

Post: This is where you write your content. Each entry in your blog is called a post. Posts, which are dated, have to be archived but still available to visitors. By its very nature a blog is interactive. According to studydaddy readers may have comments to offer which they can enter with the comments link. Lately spamming on comments has become as much of a problem as in emails. Some blogging tools provide anti-spamming facility. One has to be careful while providing links to other blogs since these links are a source of spam.

Categories: The blogging world moves at a blistering pace. Bloggers want to view other blogs within a tiny time window. This is possible only if one categorizes their posts.

Trackbacks: This is to create a link with other like minded blogs. According to homework cheats website the process is automatic and helps communication between two blogs.

Pings: One of the essential differences between a blog and a web-site is the time tracking. Blogs inform other blogs and search engines about their updated status via pinging.

Blogger: Blogger belongs to Google and is a free blogging platform. It has all the features necessary for a blog and one can start blogging within a few minutes. It has attractive templates to choose from and is simple to use. It is highly recommended for first time bloggers.

Typepad: Typepad comes in three flavors, basic, Plus and Pro. Though the basic version is stripped down to its bare bones, it is still good enough for first timers who want to get going.

WordPress: WordPress comes in two flavors. The hosted variety is suitable for new bloggers and is quite popular. The version which you host yourself, which comes with the bells and whistles, is for the professional blogger.

Of course this is just a few of the more popular blogging terms, there are many, many more. According to if you would like a term explained just leave a comment below.

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